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Can I use a foreign bank card to top up dnf? Author:KA-CN Time:2021-09-29 14:58

  Can I use a foreign bank card to top up dnf? The full name of dnf is "Dungeon and Warrior", "Dungeon and Warrior" is a free role-playing 2D game developed by South Korean online game company NEOPLE. It was published by Samsung Electronics and officially released in South Korea in August 2005. China is distributed by Tencent Games as an agent.

  The game is a 2D scroll-style horizontal version of the fighting and clearance online game, which inherits a large number of features of many home machine and arcade 2D fighting games. Focusing on the growth of task-guided characters, combined with Dungeon, PVP, and PVE as supplements, it has the same equipment and level changes as other online games, and has a total of more than 500 equipment items. There are 10 props and equipment positions for each character. In the game, up to 4 players can be allowed to team up to challenge the level, as well as 4 vs. 4 PK.


Can I use a foreign bank card to top up dnf?

  This game is very popular in China. Many friends around me play this game. Many friends still play this game after they go abroad. If there are any new skins, they all choose to buy it at the first time, but there is a problem. After going abroad, it is not as convenient to recharge dnf as in China . Domestic dnf mobile games do not support foreign payment methods, so friends often ask if I can recharge dnf with foreign bank cards? If in the past, my answer was definitely no, but now it’s 2021, everything is improving, and the recharge industry is no exception. Now you can use foreign bank cards to recharge dnf, but you need to rely on a third-party platform. Realize, here is a reliable overseas charging domestic game

  Why choose kacn to charge dnf abroad?

  Friends who have just arrived may not be familiar with kacn. kacn is a platform designed to solve the problem of domestic recharge for overseas Chinese. It supports a wide range of proxy recharge projects. The most important thing is to support foreign payment methods, so we don’t need to handle it. The foreign currency is converted into RMB, and the foreign currency can be directly used for payment. It is very convenient, and the customer service of the kacn website is online 24 hours, and the charging speed is quite good.

  How to recharge dnf on kacn?

  First, register a kacn account for free, then open dnf to charge the goods, fill in the relevant information according to your needs, then submit the order to the payment page, choose a foreign payment method to complete the payment, and wait for kacn customer service to confirm the order and complete it for you Recharge.


dnf charge

  Through the above introduction, we can use foreign bank cards to recharge dnf on kacn, which is very convenient and saves us a lot of trouble. Moreover, the speed of kacn charging games is also very fast, which does not delay us at all. Grab a new skin, quickly collect it and try it!

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